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Canada's Physiotherapy Focused Fitness & Home Health Care Store

Take a look around our pain management, home health care and physiotherapy store. We offer health care items such as orthopaedic braces, lower back rolls, shoulder supports, custom knee bracing, various ice and heating packs, massage balls, foam rollers, home TENS units, stretching products and many other unique items to help you live a pain free and healthy life. We also offer a wide selection of fitness, massage and wellness products to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Need help selecting the right item? We offer free advice from one of our physiotherapists!

We can create custom home physiotherapy kits including exercises, so you can continue to do your rehabilitation at home after being discharged by your health care provider.

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Our dedicated team of physiotherapists have put together a useful guide to help find the right products and rehabilitation kits for you. Click on the body part where you are having issues.

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Our dedicated team of physiotherapists have put together a useful guide to help you find the right products for you!  You can, at anytime, reach out to us and ask questions you may have about any of our products.

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We take great pride in providing the right products and information to our customers.

Thank you for shopping with us!  We hope you find the product (s) to help you on your road to recovery. 

Featured Products

These are some of our popular products that we sell here at our pain management and physical therapy supply store. These specialty products have good reviews from our customers.