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4 Awesome Knee Mobility Exercises

4 Awesome Knee Mobility Exercises
4 Awesome Knee Mobility Exercises
4 Awesome Knee Mobility Exercises
4 Awesome Knee Mobility Exercises
4 Awesome Knee Mobility Exercises
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These free exercises will help you if you have sore knees.  They will help decrease your pain and improve your mobility of your knees.

Knee Mobility Exercises - How can this help my knee pain?

So, your knees are bothering you! This sort of thing sucks right. Can’t do what you want to do anymore. Well, here are some simple exercises for your knees that will help decrease your pain and increase your mobility ultimately allowing you to do the things you love without being in pain the entire time.

You are probably skeptical about these simple exercises and think well I walk and move my knees back and forth all the time, so these won’t really help because I am kind of doing this already.

Well, let me explain in a bit more detail and the reasoning behind these exercises.

  • If you lose your knee mobility, even a little bit, that part of the joint never gets used anymore, and if you don’t use it you lose it. The part of the joint that is always used gets worn down faster. The part that is never used doesn’t get the nutrients and weight-bearing it needs to maintain a healthy joint. The ligaments get tighter and it can get to the point where you lose that range permanently. It is very important to try and maintain as much knee bending and straightening as possible.
  • The knee joint really feeds itself my movement and weight-bearing. The cartilage in your knee does not have good blood supply. It gets its nutrients and exchange of waste material through movement.
  • Even a small decrease in leg extension changes the way you walk, and this can affect your other body parts such your hips and lower back.
  • You need a minimum of 120 degrees of knee flexion to properly walk up and down stairs.
  • Your knee not only bends and straightens but rotates as well. If you lose this rotational ability it will affect the way you walk and cause pain. Your lower leg rotates inwards when you bend your knee and outwards as you straighten.

Download these 4 awesome knee mobility exercises (in pdf format) below:

4 Awesome Knee Mobility Exercises 4 Awesome Knee Mobility Exercises

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