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Active Office Board

The Fitter First  Active Office Board is an adjustable Standing platform designed to help your lower body proprioception and balance while standing at the work place or at home. 

As standing up becomes more common in the workplace, office workers are now facing new troubles: standing fatigue. J ust as sitting all day is bad for your health, so it standing statically.  This is  where the Active Office Board comes in:  It allows your feet some cushioning, encourages balance and movement, and can be adjusted to increase and decrease proprioception and balance activity.

Also great for Home use, Sports Training, Kids homework and for Yoga exercises.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully adjustable by rearranging the four legs
  • Silent, non-marking legs
  • Provides cushioning while standing
  • Replacement 4 pack legs available in 2 densities, regular or firm
  • Made of 5/8” Stained baltic birch wood
  • Made in Canada
  • Encourages micro movement and balance throughout your workday.
  • Strengthens stabilizing muscles.
  • Decreases amount of static sitting and improves health through movement.


FitterFirst Balance Board User Manual Click Here to Download The Balance Board User Manual


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