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Cefar Femina TENS Kit

Cefar Femina TENS Kit
Cefar Femina TENS Kit
Cefar Femina TENS Kit
Cefar Femina TENS Kit
Cefar Femina TENS Kit
Cefar Femina TENS Kit
Cefar Femina TENS Kit
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  • Model: CHT-1830
  • Weight: 970.00g
  • Dimensions: 25.00mm x 18.00mm x 7.00mm
  • SKU: CC1830
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Chattanooga’s Cefar® Femina transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is designed for woman to give some pain relief during pregnancy, at birth and post pregnancy without affecting you or the child.

CEFAR FEMINA is a handy and simple TENS stimulator that has been developed in Sweden together with doctors, midwives and physiotherapists.  With its five preset programs for pain relief, massage and muscle training it fits your every need.

Easily relieve the pain with CEFAR FEMINA

When you are pregnant, things happen in your body that can cause pain. It is completely natural. As natural as you feel concern for the thought of having to be in pain. Especially if it is your first pregnancy or if you have had a lot of pain during someone before. At the same time, you may be hesitant to take painkillers as they run the risk of affecting the child.

The solution to the problem is called TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation). It is a well-tried and side-effect free method of pain relief. TENS has long been used in healthcare and the efficacy has been proven through numerous clinical trials.

Although the theory is complicated, you hardly need any training to use CEFAR FEMINA. The clear display, the flexible format and the preset programs make it easy to use. Practically, it is possible to attach the electrodes, a number of soft self-adhesive plates, to the places on the body that you want to treat. Then you select the program and set the strength that feels comfortable.

CEFAR FEMINA transmits a weak, harmless electrical current through the electrodes. The treatment does not hurt but is perceived by most as very comfortable. Furthermore, because CEFAR FEMINA is both small and battery-powered, you are completely mobile and without restrictions when you are treated.

Features and Benefits

  • Cefar Femina provides pain relief during labour with no side effects to mother or child.
  • Cefar Femina provides solutions to problems with pregnancy and post pregnancy: back pain, swollen feet, neck and shoulder pain, and loss of muscular elasticity.
  • Neck Strap: The stimulator comes with a detachable neck strap and belt clip making it easy to use at home.

Cefar Femina Details

  • Convenient and portable
  • Can be used before, during and after birth
  • This 2-channel stimulator includes 5 preset programs:
    • P1: Pain Relief during childbirth
    • P2: Pain Relief for Back, Neck and Pelvis
    • P3: Massage for Back and Neck
    • P4: Massage for tired/swollen feet/legs
    • P5: Back to Shape
  • It allows you to preset treatment time as you desire.
  • This Cefar Femina is equipped with an automatic self check for safety reason.
  • Stimulation Current/Channel: 0-60 mA
  • Stimulation Forms: Conventional TENS (HI), Modulated pulse duration TENS, Modulated frequency, EMS Modulated frequency with Active Rest.
  • Compatible with PhysioStim Electrodes
  • Pulse Width: 300 µs
  • Frequency: 80 Hz
  • Power Supply 2 x 1.2 V AA rechargeable batteries
  • Size (W x H x D): 120 x 50 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 180 g

Select These Options For an Even Better Experience

There are several options to choose from:

  1. Electrotherapy Pads - Select additional pads to use with your device.  Generally choose larger pads for larger areas or if you want a more comfortable experience.  The smaller the pads, the more energy moves through a smaller space and this can be more sensitive to some individuals.
  2. Pre-TENS Skin Prep Wipes - It is recommended to use the wipes before placing the pads on your skin.   It will give a much better connection and improve the ability of the device to help reduce your pain and increase the rate of recovery.  These wipes will also help prolong the life of the electrode pads.
  3. Physiotherapy Consult - Not sure exactly how to use your device?   Want to understand the different settings and how it will best help you?  Want to ask a physiotherapist where the pads should be placed for the best result?  Choose this option to talk with a registered physiotherapist.  Once you get your device, we will setup a time to talk with one of our physiotherapists. We will send a separate invoice with the therapists billing number so you can submit this to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Chattanooga Cefar Devices Warranty – LIMITED 3 YEARS

If there are any issues within the first 30 days of purchasing the device, you can return it to us, The Physio Store Inc. and we will replace the device free of charge. 

After this time, the remaining Warranty will be honoured by the manufacturer - Chattanooga.

You can register your warranty with them directly at Chattanooga Warranty Registration Page

Register before the warranty period runs out.  You will receive an email confirming your warranty registration.

We offer free advice from a registered treating Physiotherapist.

Similarly to having a pharmacist available to answer your questions in regards to medications you buy at a pharmacy, we are here to answer your questions on our products in regards to your health.

We can discuss general issues about injuries, muscles, joints, pain etc. and provide advice on what products and exercises will help your specific needs. We will respond within 24 hours.

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