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Brand: Compex Model: CPX-Fit1
The Compex® Fit 1.0 Electrical Muscle Stimulation is designed to help sculpt your body, tone your abs and relieve pain. This unit is designed for fitness and health fans who practise their activity 1 to 3 times per week. The Compex® Fit 1.0 Electrical Muscle Stimulation is essential when you are..
$250.00 CAD
Brand: Compex Model: CPX-100
Relieve pain, increase blood circulation and provide structural support to joints and muscle movements with Compex Tape. Composition: Compex kinesiology tape is an elastic, adhesive tape without medicines and is made of high-quality cotton with an acrylic adhesive layer. Durability: Compex tap..
$15.50 CAD
Brand: Compex Model: CPX-79-8032
Helps relieve anterior knee pain caused by patellar tendonitis, chondromalacia and Osgood Schlatters by applying pressure to the patella tendon. The primary body of the strap is a soft, latex free nylon/foam laminate with contact closures. The bladder is encased inside the body of the primary pat..
$35.00 CAD
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