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Brand: MKO Model: MKO-LM3007
The MKO CMC thumb brace supports and comforts the first CMC joint. It keeps the thumb in the functional position. The brace relieves pain and reduces the symptoms of loss of strength. The MKO CMC thumb brace stabilizes the Carpometacarpal (CMC/Basal) joint of the thumb and places the first metacarp..
$58.00 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: MKO-LM3007Strap
The MKO CMC thumb strap replaces the strap on the MKO CMC Thumb Brace. Features and Benefits Velour strap, with hook and loop closure. Note...Includes 1 velour strap and NOT the MKO CMC thumb brace.  This item in non-returnable...
$8.60 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: HTPG
Made for people with sensitive feet and for daily wear, Gel Heel Seats will keep your feet comfortable wherever life takes you. Treat your feet to the support and plantar fasciitis relief you need today. The “HTP Heel Seats” are a one of a kind product that works to quickly relieve pain by applying..
$32.00 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: HTP
Don’t allow heel pain, plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs to progress any further. Our unique and patented Fascia-Bar™ technology is clinically proven effective with over a 90% success rate. It works for all forms of heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The “Heel That Pain (HTP) ..
$32.00 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: PC8531
The MKO 8" Wrist Lacer brace is recommended for carpal tunnel, all wrist injuries, post cast removal. The MKO Wrist Lacer Brace is a dual stay, low profile 8” wrist brace with a unique “parachute pull” application strap. It is recommended for carpal tunnel, wrist sprains and strains.Product Fea..
$33.00 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: MKO-2000
The MKO Elbow Support provides compressive support for elbow strains, tendonitis, arthritis and post-op.The MKO Elbow Support applies even compression to the entire elbow joint, which can help provide relief from a variety of ailments including tendonitis, joint inflammation, tennis elbow, golf ..
$25.00 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: LM1970
MKO Elite Epi-Tek compression elbow sleeve/support is designed for elbow issues such as tennis elbow, golfers elbow and general pain around the elbow and forearm.The MKO Elite Epi-Tek Compression Elbow Sleeve consists of an anatomically contoured knit design with compression and an integral m..
$59.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: MKO-LM4355
MKO Elite Genu-Tek Compression Knee Sleeve designed for knee issues such as osteoarthritis, knee pain, sprain, swelling of knee.The MKO Elite Genu-Tek Compression Knee Sleeve consists of an anatomically contoured knit and an integral, ring-shaped, functional silicone buttress. It relieve..
$70.00 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: MKO-4354
The MKO elite hinged knee brace combines wrap-around straps, medial/lateral hinges and compressive support for the management of mild knee instability.The wrap-around straps secure uprights/hinges in position and minimizes migration. The soft popliteal knit prevents “bunching”. The sleeve is..
$65.00 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: LM3060
The MKO Elite Malleo-Tek Compression Ankle Sleeve consists of an anatomically contoured knit with bilateral massaging silicone insert. It helps relieve pain by providing the therapeutic pressure of the support of the ankle. When walking or running with the MKO Elite Malleo-Tek Compression Ankle S..
$64.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: 4353
 This patellar stabilizing brace is designed to provide tracking support of your kneecap.The MKO Elite Patella Stabilizer is anatomically contoured to reduce migration while providing support and protection for the knee. This knee brace is a highly perforated, breathable, skin-friendly p..
$59.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: 20-PC2281
Product FeaturesDesigned to support and protect ankles Durable, non-stretch ballistic nylon with stays and elastic cuff closure Figure 8 strapping with heel lock eliminates taping Ultra low-profile with seamless foot bed Latex Free On the fly adjustability Fits either left or right ..
$55.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: LM7230
The MKO HInged Knee Wrap is indicated for arthritis, post-operative management, medial and later instability.A simple to apply wrap around design. Does not require pulling up. An excellent choice for elderly or larger clients! Recommended for knee strains, sprains, tendonitis, instability and..
$74.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: LM-PC7630
A low profile quality Lumbosacral Support with all elastic construction, double side-pull panels and neoprene lumbar pocket.  Lumbar cryo-pack included!Special FeaturesQuality full elastic construction with double side-pull panelsLow profile lightweight tapered fit.  9" back taper..
$64.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: LM7000
Features & BenefitsIndicated for patella tracking Patella pull-panel with adjustable straps Medial & Lateral spiral stays Adjustable, 1/4" tubular, enclosed buttress Available in Left & Right Latex Free..
$59.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: MKO-LM1390
Indicated for patella tracking and patella subluxation.A basic solid workhorse patella stabilizer brace. Recommended for patellofemoral pain syndrome, patella tendonitis and patella tracking and alignment conditions.Features & BenefitsConstructed from sturdy open-cell Neoprene materialPat..
$59.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: LM0321
MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Low Top is designed for stable fractures, stress fractures and ankle sprains of the foot or ankle. It has also been designed to help increase stability and help reduce swelling and pain following post-operative procedures of the foot.A clinically proven Air-walker ..
$156.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: LM0331
This air walker has an anatomically correct calf section that makes the walking boot more comfortable.  Individually controlled air bladders are secured between the plastic shell and the liner, so they remain stationary.  The bottom (distal) strap can be tightened on the outside of the she..
$159.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: LM-PC8370
The TK Thumbkeeper Universal Brace helps provide pain relief from thumb arthritis and tendonitis while permitting you to do the activities you enjoy.Features & BenefitsDesigned for thumb arthritis and tendonitis Interchangeable Flexible and rigid stays Lightweight neoprene mater..
$40.00 CAD
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