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MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short

MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short
MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short
MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short
MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short
MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short
MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short
MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short
MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short
MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Short
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  • Model: LM0321
  • Weight: 748.00g
  • Dimensions: 15.00in x 7.00in x 16.00in
  • SKU: LM0321
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MKO Sprint® Air Walker - Low Top is designed for stable fractures, stress fractures and ankle sprains of the foot or ankle. It has also been designed to help increase stability and help reduce swelling and pain following post-operative procedures of the foot.

A clinically proven Air-walker cast boot recommended for non-displaced or stable postoperative forefoot and metatarsal fractures. Bunionectomy, acute ankle sprains and soft tissue injury. Includes many additional patient convenience features for the harsh Canadian climate!

Special Features

  • Lightweight ergo-dynamic design
  • Premium quality tri-layer liner with removable fabric winter toe cover
  • Textured heavy duty sole with a natural gait rocker bottom
  • Removable rigid toe guard with three settings for foot length
  • Bi-lateral integrated pumps offer simple inflation/deflation.
  • Nylon laminated reinforced air cells to reduce leaks
  • Hygiene sock and rigid toe guard included.
  • Washable, removable, ventilated EVA hygiene sole
  • Wide foot bed to accommodate dressings and edema
  • Swivel Strap D-rings over metatarsus for easier application
  • Reinforced stitched straps
  • Maximum weight limit 350 pounds
  • Latex free


  • Individually controlled air bladders secured between the liner and plastic shell remain stationary while providing compression and support
  • Built in pumps provide ideal compression, are easy to operate; quick inflation and deflation and help provide custom fit
  • Rocker bottom promotes a natural and stable gait
  • Wider foot bed helps accommodate swelling and bulky dressing
  • Unique Shell design promotes maximum patient protection & compliance
  • Optional toe guard has 3 settings and can be adjusted to accommodate foot length
  • Deluxe liner includes a detachable toe cover
  • Bulb cover to protect bulb
  • Includes an orthopaedic sock, toe cover and toe guard

Sizing Chart

SizeFemale (US Shoe Size)Male (US Shoe Size)Female (EU Shoe Size)Male (EU Shoe Size)
PediatricUp to 5Up to 4
Small5 - 8
4 - 7
36 - 39
38 - 40
Medium8 - 10
7 - 9
39 - 42
40 - 42
Large10 - 13
9 - 12
42 - 45
42 - 46

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