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Brand: Medical Specialties Model: MS-224475
The CMC-X Lacer Thumb Stabilizer helps provide pain relief from carpometacarpal (CMC) joint arthritis while permitting you to do the activities you enjoy. The patent pending design stabilizes the CMC joint by applying pressure to the base of the thumb while simultaneously applying an abduction fo..
$55.00 CAD
Brand: Medical Specialties Model: MS-26413
The Medspec EVO hinge attachment is designed to fit the EVO and EVO ankle Speedlacer to provide even greater inversion/eversion control and protection against syndesmotic ankle sprains. This removable plastic hinge allows for a progressive step down treatment protocol. This self-adjusting plastic..
$14.00 CAD
Brand: Medical Specialties Model: MS-2640X-X
The Medspec EVO ankle stabilizer is an evolutionary step forward in ankle protection. With its patented design, the EVO provides even greater support than the original ASO and better protection against ankle sprains. The ASO EVO provides exceptional ankle support and stability while enabling ..
$59.00 CAD
Brand: Medical Specialties Model: MS-26423X
The EVO Quatro provides the innovative technology of the EVO's new strapping and cuff system in a low-profile design, making it the ideal stabilizer for those athletes or patients that will not tolerate any bulky materials inside their shoe, yet need strong ankle support. Low Profile Design Th..
$58.00 CAD
Brand: Medical Specialties Model: MS-26431
The EVO Hinge Ankle Stabilizer, which features a removable plastic hinge, is easily converted to the traditional EVO ankle stabilizer - ASO (ankle stabilizing orthosis) to facilitate treatment progression. The combination of the plastic hinge and the stabilizing strap technology provide even gr..
$72.00 CAD
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