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NOI Recognise™ Shoulder Flash Cards

NOI Recognise™ Shoulder Flash Cards
NOI Recognise™ Shoulder Flash Cards
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Efficiently test and train the left/right discrimination abilities of patients with the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NOI) RecogniseTM Shoulder Flash Cards, an integral part of Graded Motor Imagery.

Recent research shows that people with shoulder pain often lose the ability to quickly discriminate between images of left and right shoulders. NOI RecogniseTM Shoulder Flash Cards will establish whether a patient’s brain can distinguish between left and right shoulders and are useful tools for re-training left/right discrimination as part of a Graded Motor Imagery rehabilitation program.

Each set of NOI Recognise Shoulder Flash Cards includes 24 left shoulder images and 24 right shoulder images on durable plastic-coated cards. It also includes a non-permanent marker, for writing on the flip side, an instruction sheet, a reference list and suggestions for games that “retrain as you play.”

These cards measure 11cm x 11cm (45⁄16" x 45⁄16").

For use under clinical guidance, NOI Recognise Shoulder Flash Cards are an integral part of the GMI exercise process as explained in The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook by Dr. David Butler, Dr. G. Lorimer Moseley, Timothy Beames and Thomas Giles.

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