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Wrist Restore™

Wrist Restore™
Wrist Restore™
Wrist Restore™
Wrist Restore™
Wrist Restore™
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  • Model: OPTP-674/5/6
  • Weight: 78.00g
  • Dimensions: 25.00cm x 15.00cm x 2.00cm
  • SKU: 674/675/676
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Non-slip wrist support that offers impressive bilateral support while allowing greater mobility than most wrist braces and carpal tunnel braces.

Many wrist supports offer fair stability, but their basic design inhibits easy mobility of the wrist, decreasing the willingness of the patient to obtain and use treatment for an unstable wrist. The patented Wrist Restore™, designed by the International Academy of Orthopaedic Medicine (IAOM-US), features a uniquely molded support that, together with the bilateral compressive force of the two proximal straps, establishes control of scaphoid-lunate and triquetro-lunate joint complexes.

The remarkable bilateral support, combined with the distinct mold allows more mobility because it only controls the movement patterns of the proximal carpal row. In addition, the proximal straps, together with the anti-slip material on the inside of the sleeve, prevent the brace from sliding upward on the wrist.


Universal fit for left or right wrist.

Measure around your wrist in inches and select the size based on this measurement.

Washing Instructions

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Line dry or lay flat to dry. DO NOT USE HOT WATER. DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR TUMBLE DRY.

Ideal for injuries such as:

  • Instability of the wrist
  • Triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injuries
  • Wrist sprain
  • Wrist pain
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