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Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-M780
The Orliman CMC thumb brace supports and comforts the first CMC joint. It keeps the thumb in the functional position. The brace relieves pain and reduces the symptoms of loss of strength. The Orliman CMC thumb brace stabilizes the Carpometacarpal (CMC/Basal) joint of the thumb and places the first ..
$85.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-AB100
The Boxia® Plus Foot Drop AFO splint has been newly designed in 2019.  It is a One-Hand-On foot drop brace that can be pulled on with one hand. Designed to help lift your foot when taking a step (dorsiflexion of foot during swing phase). Designed to prevent tripping over everyday items, such as..
$150.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-ET210
The Orliman Breathable Shoulder Posture Supporter has a wide dorsal band of breathable multi-band elastic fabric. Two upper bands are placed over the shoulders, pass under the arm, cross the back and fasten over the stomach improving your shoulder and upper back posture. This breathable posture sup..
$55.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-HV-33
The Orliman Bunion Splint is a night-time corrector for bunions. Manufactured from thermoplastics and velour, with micro-fastener seal. It includes a cushioning pad on the big toe which, together with the pressure strap, at the height of the bunion, maintains the first metatarsus aligned and in cor..
$33.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-OS6230
The Orliman Elastic Elbow Support with gel pads functions by controlling compression providing pain relief and helping to eliminate tension. Manufactured in a breathable stretch knit fabric that is very strong yet so soft for added comfort; its seamless construction means no uncomfortable rubbing. ..
$42.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-OS6211
The Orliman Elastic Knee Support with lateral stabilizers has been manufactured with a breathable stretch knit fabric that is very strong yet so soft for added comfort;  its seamless construction means no uncomfortable rubbing.  Three dimensional anatomical adjustment.  The product in..
$80.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-EP21G
The Orliman Epitec Fix Epicondylitis Armband is a premium quality elbow brace designed to help reduce your elbow pain and help repair the injured tissue by helping to eliminate tension. The exterior of the Orliman Epitec Fix Epicondylitis Elbow Band is made with highly resistant cushioned mate..
$55.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-M760
The Orliman Manutec® Fix Wrist Support has been manufactured from breathable velour, made using latest generation materials (triple layer: foam, velour, sponge), with a triple immobilization system comprising of a malleable aluminium palm splint and medial-lateral anatomically shaped strips for adap..
$65.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-9104
The Orliman Rodisil Closed Patella Knee Brace is a high quality soft, closed elastic knee support with a patella doughnut pad and lateral stabilizers. Developed using three-dimensional woven fabric that provides greater transversal elasticity at the same time as it exerts the necessary compression ..
$107.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-9106
The Orliman Rodisil Closed Patella Knee Brace is a high quality soft, closed elastic knee support with a patella doughnut pad and metal, polycentric hinges. Breathable elastic knee support with material made of up to 140 filaments, which provides active compression in 3 dimensions, with closed knee..
$195.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-E240
The Orliman Shoulder Posture Supporter includes two cotton elastic fabric, ring bands, independent for each shoulders. The ends of the bands exert gradual traction, achieving retraction of the shoulders and helps correct poor posture. This posture supporter has very strong support to hold back your..
$30.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-M770
The Orliman Thumb Immobilizing Splint is designed to help reduce the pain in your thumb while stabilizing the 1st MCP and CMC joint. The splint is made of breathable velour, which has venting holes on the surface to facilitate the movement of air. The immobilizer system consists of a malleable al..
$41.00 CAD
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