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Orliman Boxia Plus Foot Drop Splint

Orliman Boxia Plus Foot Drop Splint
Orliman Boxia Plus Foot Drop Splint
Orliman Boxia Plus Foot Drop Splint
Orliman Boxia Plus Foot Drop Splint
Orliman Boxia Plus Foot Drop Splint
Orliman Boxia Plus Foot Drop Splint
Orliman Boxia Plus Foot Drop Splint
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  • Model: ORL-AB100
  • Weight: 290.00g
  • Dimensions: 26.00cm x 9.00cm x 11.00cm
  • SKU: AB100
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The Boxia® Plus Foot Drop AFO splint has been newly designed in 2019.  It is a One-Hand-On foot drop brace that can be pulled on with one hand.

Designed to help lift your foot when taking a step (dorsiflexion of foot during swing phase). Designed to prevent tripping over everyday items, such as rugs, curbs and irregular surfaces.

The Boxia Plus DropFoot Brace is a One-Hand-On dropfoot brace. This means it can easily be put on with one hand. This is very useful for people with limited hand function.

You place the strap around the ankle and close the Velcro straps. Next, pull the elastic through the ring on the front and place the elastic behind the lace-up hooks supplied.

A foot drop splint is a relatively simple tool that is applied around the lower leg and the elastic of which is connected to your shoe. This elastic ensures that your foot is pulled up during the swing phase of walking.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be attracted with one hand!
  • Universal product: can be worn both left and right!
  • Reinforced velcro system
  • Very durable material
  • High wearing comfort
  • Can also be worn during exercise (cycling, walking, etc.)
  • Can also be worn while driving
  • Bilateral design.  Can be used for the left and right foot.

Comes With:

  • 1 x Boxia Plus Foot Drop Splint:  Made of micro-perforated breathable fabric that wraps around the ankle. It features a pad in the back that hugs the Achilles tendon and provides maximum comfort and distributes pressure. There are also relief points offering a massage effect on the soft parts.  The central anchoring system can be adjusted to the ankle perimeter to guarantee the most adequate position for each patient.
  • 1 x Elastic Traction Band:  Keeps the ankle in a neutral position and connects the supramalleolar part to the “S” hooks or the hook to the footwear.
  • 1 x Anti-slip hook:   Attached to the footwear and a strap that is secured to the laces prevents undesirable movement.
  • 8 x “S” crochet lace ring hooks:  So you can easily switch between different shoes. 


  • Paralysis of the muscles involved in lifting your foot (drop foot).
  • Damage to the nerve (s) of the lower leg.
  • Damage to the muscle (s) of the lower leg.
  • Decreased force and strength in the lower leg.

Video of the Orliman Boxia Plus Foot Drop Splint

SizeAbove Ankle Bone (Malleolus) Circumference
Small14 - 20 cm
Medium20 - 26 cm
Large26 - 32 cm
Measure above ankle - Boxia PlusMeasure the circumference above the ankle bone (Malleolus) in centimetres.
If you are in between sizes, it is recommended you select the smaller size.

Orliman Braces Warranty – LIMITED 6 months

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Orliman products. Orliman braces and supports come with a six month warranty. We guarantee that Orliman products will be free from manufacturing defects. We will either replace the product or issue you a refund. (Normal wear and tear during the usage of the product is not considered a defect.)

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