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Orliman Bunion Splint

Orliman Bunion Splint
Orliman Bunion Splint
Orliman Bunion Splint
Orliman Bunion Splint
Orliman Bunion Splint
Orliman Bunion Splint
Orliman Bunion Splint
Orliman Bunion Splint
Orliman Bunion Splint
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  • Model: ORL-HV-33
  • Weight: 60.00g
  • Dimensions: 15.00cm x 8.00cm x 5.00cm
  • SKU: HV-33
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The Orliman Bunion Splint is a night-time corrector for bunions. Manufactured from thermoplastics and velour, with micro-fastener seal. It includes a cushioning pad on the big toe which, together with the pressure strap, at the height of the bunion, maintains the first metatarsus aligned and in correct position during nighttime use, reducing pain and preventing its possible evolution.

What is a Bunion, and how can the Bunion Splint from Orliman Help?

image of foot with bunion

Pain, inflammation, calloused and hardened skin and deviation of the big toe are some of the symptoms of bunions , also known as hallux valgus. This causes discomfort with footwear and makes walking difficult. and needs to be halted as soon as the first symptoms appear.  The Orliman Bunion Splint can help treat this deformity. and can prevent the condition from getting worse and possibly needing surgery down the road.

Features and Benefits

  • Wear at night while at rest or sleeping.
  • 3 sizes available, select Left or Right
  • Made from reinforced thermoplastics 
  • Very durable material


  1. Open the Velcro fastener and introduce the splint, leaving the plastic semi-circle in the inter-digit space between the big toe and the second toe.
  2. Adjust the wide strap just behind the metatarsalphalangeal joint of the big toe. Remember that the strap has a dotted line which should coincide with the toothed part of the kneecap, obtaining the required adjustment.
  3. Position the traction strap which is located underneath the foot, passing it through the slot in the splint and pulling on it to adjust, until the level of correction and alignment tolerated by the patient is reached.
  4. Adjust the wide strap behind the bunion until we obtain the necessary support for the dorsal zone of the splint, which is serrated, allowing us to position the bunion strap in the required zone whilst preventing any displacement.


  • Bunion (Hallux Valgus) of the 1st Toe (Great Toe)

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