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Pelvic Floor Trainer - Perifit Pelvic Floor Trainer - Perifit
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Brand: Perifit Model: Perifit
Perifit is a Kegel exerciser that uses biofeedback and bluetooth technology to connect to an app on your device and you can then perform various exercises to help improve pelvic floor strength, tone, endurance and motor control. Why choose Perifit?  Wom..
$179.00 CAD $199.00 CAD
Brand: Laborie Model: PFX09122
PFX2 Pelvic Floor Exerciser with Vaginal SensorWith your own personal PFX2 you can quickly learn to do pelvic floor exercises correctly. By exercising with the PFX, you will know that you are exercising correctly and effectively. It is an important confidence builder as muscle strength gradually inc..
$229.99 CAD
Brand: Laborie Model: PFX09121
PFXA Pelvic Floor Exerciser with Anal Sensor is suitable for men and women. Regular pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) with PFXA can help to prevent or improve embarrassing symptoms of accidental bowel or bladder leaks that occur during exertion, laughing or coughing. PFXA can help men after bowel o..
$239.99 CAD
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