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Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser

Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
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Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
Perifit - Pelvic Floor Trainer / Kegel Exerciser
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Perifit is a Kegel exerciser that uses biofeedback and bluetooth technology to connect to an app on your device and you can then perform various exercises to help improve pelvic floor strength, tone, endurance and motor control.

Why choose Perifit? 

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR PELVIC FLOOR - Prevent prolapse and incontinence. Forget pads and tackle incontinence permanently. Regain from childbirth and surgery. Retrieve core strength and bladder control. Feel confident in the bedroom.
  • ADDICTIVE KEGEL GAMES - Stop doing tedious Kegel exercises without device or with Kegel weights, cones, Ben Wa balls or eggs. Connect to the free app, play games with your pelvic muscles, and get real-time feedback and fast results.
  • FDA APPROVED, DESIGNED AND RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS - This revolutionary Kegel exercise system was designed by world-class physiotherapists. Perifit is FDA-approved and recommended by more than 1000+ physiotherapists worldwide.
  • BODY-SAFE, COMFORTABLE AND WATERPROOF - Covered with premium, medical-grade silicone, Perifit is hypoallergenic, BPA- and phthalate-free. Its anatomical, fits-all design is comfortable for all bodies, while the seamless shape without any holes or asperity is waterproof and easy to clean.

  • This item is Latex Free

About The Device

  • COVERED WITH MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE - We only use silicones tested for biocompatibility and appropriate for medical applications. This is the highest silicone quality available.
  • FDA AND CE APPROVED - Perifit is a medical device approved by the FDA and CE. Unlike other products, we have the authorization to say that Perifit can treat incontinence.
  • THE ONLY KEGEL EXERCISER WITH TWO SENSORS - Strengthening of both of pelvic floor layers is the only way to get significant and durable results. Here is what a journalist from Vice said about these two sensors: "Perifit is the only Kegel exerciser that strengthens both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles. At last! My Kegel Holy Grail."
  • HIGH-QUALITY BUILD - Perifit only uses premium materials. The production process includes more than 20 quality controls to ensure that every Perifit shipped works perfectly.
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN, WATERPROOF AND EASY TO CLEAN -  Perifit is designed in one seamless design. There are no holes and no asperity—just one safe, smooth surface. Simply wash your Perifit before and after use with warm water and mild soap.
  • COMFORTABLE, ANATOMICAL FITS-ALL SHAPE - The size, curves, and positions the sensors were carefully selected and tested with 100+ women to make the Perifit training device comfortable and effective for every woman.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Perifit only weighs 1.83oz / 52g.
  • PRECISE AND HIGH RANGE SENSORS -  Each sensor can measure a contraction as weak as 0.35oz/10g and as strong as 35oz/1kg. It’s like having a range of 100 Kegel weights in one powerful device.
  • SAFE LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH WITH AN EXTERNAL ANTENNA -  Perifit uses an external antenna, which means no waves are emitted from inside your body. Moreover, 4G and LTE signals are 10,000 times more powerful than Perifit's signal (Low-energy Bluetooth). In other words, Perifit is 10,000 times safer than your phone.
Superficial and Deep Muscles-Perifit


There are two pelvic floor muscle layers:  the superficial pelvic floor layer and the deep pelvic floor layer. Training the entire pelvic floor is essential to achieve quick, significant and durable results.  Designed to strengthen both the deep and superficial pelvic floor layers, Perifit is the only Kegel device that has two pressure sensors.

Free Kegel exercises app

There are three secrets to getting significant results from your Kegel exercises:

  • Do your Kegel exercises properly
  • Do your Kegel exercises regularly
  • Focus your exercises on your biggest issues - Motor control, endurance, and/or strength

That's all there is to it! This is why the free Kegel exercises app - Perifit, mainly focuses on these fundamentals of pelvic floor training. Not only can this app help you identify how to properly do a Kegel exercise, it can help identify what are the main issues you are having. Could it be motor control issues, endurance issues or strength issues. Perhaps it is a combination of all three. With this app, you can figure this out and focus your exercises on the specific issue.

Kegel exercises app Perifit on an iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9

Our Kegel exercise app teaches you how to do your Kegel exercises properly
    These are the five features that will teach you how to do your Kegel exercises properly:
    • Instructions
    • Manual mode
    • Biofeedback training
    • Assessment
    • Training programs


    It doesn't matter if you don't understand how to contract your pelvic floor. Everything is clearly explained in the app. You will learn step-by-step how to contract and control your pelvic floor.

    pelvic floor test by kegel exercises app Perifit

    Manual mode

    As soon as you understand how to control your pelvic floor, you will be able to use manual mode to see your pelvic floor contracting in real time. This mode lets you see how well you can control your pelvic floor muscles (motor control). Can you contract slowly and stop and hold at a partial contraction. Can you slowly relax and reduce your tone to a lower level and hold this for a period of time. Can you contract quickly and get to a full contraction and maintain this for a period of time. You can view how the superficial and deep pelvic floor layers are working together to accomplish the various contractions. No other home device can give you this type of information and help identify where the weaknesses are - Motor control issue, strength issue and/or endurance issue. The perifit biofeedback device completely puts an end to the guesswork!

    Biofeedback manual mode to learn how to control the pelvic floor by kegel exercises app Perifit

    Biofeedback training

    Every exercise made with Perifit is based on biofeedback, which is the most effective technique to get significant results from your Kegel exercises.

    biofeedback for pelvic floor with kegel exerciser game Perifit on an iPad pro


    The instructions and the manual mode have taught you how to do your Kegel exercises properly; now it's time to explore what kind of Kegel exercises will give you the best results. The Perifit assessment is based on a series of questions and a pelvic floor test. Thanks to this assessment, you will be able to select the exact training program that will give you the best results. Moreover, by repeating the assessment once a month, you will be able to see the real progress you have made.

    pelvic floor test by kegel exercises app Perifit

    Training programs

    Perifit includes five training programs designed by world-class pelvic floor experts:

    • Prevention: this program will strengthen your pelvic floor to prevent pelvic floor disorders
    • Stress incontinence: this program will reduce small leaks of urine while coughing, sneezing, running or laughing
    • Overactive bladder: this program will reduce the strong, sudden urge to urinate just before losing a large amount of urine
    • Mixed incontinence: this program will provide both of the benefits from the stress incontinence and overactive bladder program
    • Post-pregnancy: this program will boost your recovery from childbirth
    • Intimate wellbeing: this program will help you have faster and more powerful orgasms

    Every training program has 10 difficulty levels, so you will be able to make quick progress through each of the levels.

    training programs of the kegel exercises app Perifit on an iPhone X

    The Perifit app motivates you to train regularly

    These are the four features that will motivate you do your Kegel exercises regularly:

    • Games
    • Statistics
    • Notification
    • Customer service


    Depending on the training program, the level of each game will change and you will be asked to complete specific exercise patterns. The games are both fun and effective. Here are the games you can already play on the Perifit app with the Kegel device:

    Fly to catch the lotus

    When you contract your pelvic floor, the bird flies up. When you relax your pelvic floor, the bird flies down. All you have to do is catch all the lotuses. That's it! It's a really simple and fun game that provides you with professional Kegel exercises and biofeedback.

    side scroller biofeedback pelvic floor game with kegel exercises app Perifit

    Control the clouds

    When you contract your pelvic floor, the clouds come closer. When you relax your pelvic floor, the gap between the clouds grow. You need to stop the rocks from going up and let the gems reach the sky.

    could game biofeedback pelvic floor kegel game with kegel exercises app Perifit

    Flappy bird

    This game works like the original flappy bird. You control the bird with your pelvic floor, guiding it to move it between the pipes.

    flappy bird in a pelvic floor biofeedback game with the kegel exercises app perifit


    You control the power of the jetpack with your pelvic floor. Try to catch the money and the gems during the game.

    jetpack game pelvic floor biofeedback with kegel exercises app Perifit

    Simple graphics

    If you are not into the games, you can also play with the uncluttered biofeedback training which will let do the exact same exercises.

    pelvic floor biofeedback with kegel exercises app Perifit

    More games are coming in February!


    Seeing your progress is an important part of staying motivated! Our Kegel exercise app, Perifit, shows you three types of statistics: detailed statistics, progression, and ranking.

    Detailed statistics:

    This screen shows you the performance of your last training session. This screen is really interesting if you want to keep a good balance between your deep pelvic floor layer and your superficial pelvic floor layer.

    pelvic floor statistics on the kegel exercises app Perifit


    Your progression is divided into five key metrics: force, stamina, precision, release, and frequency. The Kegel exercise app lets you compare your performance from your first training session to your last.

    pelvic floor progression with kegel exercises app Perifit


    If you create an account on the Perifit app, you will be able to compare your performance with other users for every key pelvic floor metric. Try to reach the top 10%!

    pelvic floor ranking with kegel exercises app Perifit


    One of the keys to success with pelvic floor training is to create a new habit. This is why you can program notification to don't forget to train with Perifit. Really simple and incredibly useful.

    notification for kegel exercises by kegel exercises app Perifit

    Customer service

    Finally, we are always just one tap away from you. If you need some advice or support for your device, the Kegel exercise app will guide you to the best and the quickest solution, allowing you to keep your training consistent.

    Customer service inside the kegel exercises app Perifit

    Some advice from our pelvic floor physiotherapists.  How to get the most out of your Perifit pelvic floor exerciser.

    • Breathe! The game is set up to be competitive, but it’s really not helping you if you’re hitting the targets in a way that's not maximally beneficial for your pelvic floor! Use the manual mode to practice your contractions, and try to keep that form when in the game. I find it’s very easy to get caught up in trying to hit the targets by any means necessary. Holding my breath is a prime example, but can also include things like co-contracting, which is discussed next.
    • Ensure that your pelvic floor is contracting in isolation! In other words, ensure you aren’t contracting your abdominal muscles, glutes, thighs, squeezing your shoulders forward, straining your neck, etc. Practice in manual mode. Placing a hand on these areas to make sure they are staying relaxed can be helpful. Then, when you are playing the game, check in with these areas to make sure you’re contracting properly.
    • Always start in lying! While it can be tempting to experiment with multiple positions with Perifit, I have found that form can become compromised quickly. Start in lying, to ensure that you are contracting properly. The pelvic floor muscles should be pulling the device in and up, but often our brains don’t know how to do this, and sometimes even do the opposite (push the device down and out). If you start in lying, you will have a better chance of identifying this early on, so you can correct it and more effectively contract your pelvic floor in the proper way. If the device feels at though it is being pushed out at all during your contractions, or your ‘deep’ readings reduce throughout the practice, these are hints that you may not be contracting your muscles in the proper way.
    • Don’t overdo it! It can be tempting to keep trying to better your score in one given session, but your muscles will fatigue quickly, particularly in the early days. If you find your score is lowering, or you are beginning to use poor movement patterns as described above, put it away and try again later, or the following day. It won’t help to continue to train the muscles improperly once they are fatigued, and you are more likely to develop compensatory movements as a result (which can be really difficult to correct later!).
    • It’s always best to see a pelvic floor practitioner prior to using the Perifit at home.  A pelvic floor practitioner can help diagnose the issues, teach you how to perform a proper contraction and advise on what type of exercises to focus in on.


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    We can discuss general issues about injuries, muscles, joints, pain etc. and provide advice on what products and exercises will help your specific needs. We will respond within 24 hours.

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