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Baker's Cyst

Baker's Cyst
Need help selecting a product for a bakers cyst? Contact our physiotherapy team for a free consult.
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CalorDerm Knee Compression & Heat Massager - Cordless CalorDerm Knee Compression & Heat Massager - Cordless
New -22 %
Brand: CalorDerm Model: CD-003
The CalorDerm Knee Compression & Heat Massager is a newly redesigned knee massager that delivers soothing heat, compression of the calf, knee and thigh along with steady vibrative pulses to the knee joint.  Designed to relieve pain and decrease swelling of your knee!Built In Rotating 3..
$139.95 CAD $179.95 CAD
Brand: Pro-Tec Athletics Model: PT-7200
A soft, breathable knee sleeve that's more comfortable than neoprene, and offers better compression and support. Helps provide patellar stability and compression of the surrounding areas. Great for patello-femoral pain syndrome, patellar tracking, chondromalacia, minor meniscus and ligament tear..
$49.95 CAD
Brand: Sigvaris Model: Sgvs-120
Fashionable sheerness you can feel comfortable in, making it ideal for dress and professional wear. The SIGVARIS Sheer Fashion compression hosiery for women are designed to promote leg health and provide relief from aching, heavy, tired, or restless legs.  Available in a variety of colours, th..
$30.99 CAD
Brand: DonJoy Model: DJO-11-0027
The DonJoy GENUFORCE™ Premium Elastic Knitted Support is a knitted knee sleeve that provides compressive support & comfort.The perfect knitted knee sleeve to help stabilize and compress your knee while maintaining comfort and breathability. The softness of the yarn allows for wrinkle..
$79.00 CAD
Physiotherapy Room Knee-Flex Exercise Board - The Knee and Hip Exerciser Physiotherapy Room Knee-Flex Exercise Board - The Knee and Hip Exerciser
Exclusive Locally Made in Canada
Brand: Physiotherapy Room Model: PS-015-36
The Physiotherapy Room Knee-Flex Exercise board is designed to assist patients in knee and hip range of motion exercises! Great tool after Knee or hip surgery to help regain full range of motion.  Hand Made in Canada using Canadian maple wood! A standard for any orthopedic practice and applica..
$229.00 CAD
Brand: Medical Specialties Model: MS-117162
Gripper hinged knee brace provides stabilization to the middle and sides of your knee without slipping down.  The length of the brace measures 12" in length. The MedSpec Gripper Hinged Knee Brace provides effective medial/lateral ligament support for a variety of knee conditions. LCL an..
$110.00 CAD
Brand: Breg Model: BG-2804
The Hi-Performance Knit Support provides compression, warmth, and patella stabilization.  It features three-dimensional knitting for a breathable, comfortable fit and a contoured silicone patella donut for support.A Latex Free Compressive Support This high performance knit knee support i..
$149.99 CAD
Brand: Medical Specialties Model: MS-117111
The AKS Knee Support by MedSpec offers your patients the unique ability to adjust compression and fit from top to bottom.  These braces fit like a glove around your knee, even those odd shaped knees!Adjustable Knee SleeveThe Adjustable Knee Sleeve (AKS) provides compression and good supp..
$126.40 CAD
Brand: Breg Model: BG-10705
The Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System with the WrapOn Knee pad is simple and reliable.  Its easy to use, compact design makes it great post surgery recovery for clinic, hospital, and home use. Depending your patient-specific protocol, with nothing more than an initial fill of a little i..
$310.00 CAD
Brand: Physiotherapy Room Model: Exercises-knee-mobility
These free exercises will help you if you have sore knees.  They will help decrease your pain and improve your mobility of your knees. Knee Mobility Exercises - How can this help my knee pain? So, your knees are bothering you! This sort of thing sucks right. Can’t do what you want to do an..
$0.00 CAD
Brand: Breg Model: BG-10601K
The Polar Care Kodiak - Knee Cold Therapy System is convenient, versatile, comes in a compact design and is easy to use for your knee.With the addition of a little ice and water, you will enjoy 6-8 hours of effortless cryotherapy (cold therapy) maintaining a constant temperature during this time.&nb..
$340.00 CAD
Brand: Sigvaris Model: Sgvs-183
These Sigvaris well being microfiber shades are advanced compression socks for men, designed to be worn everyday. They are intended for men with healthy legs who temporarily suffer or to prevent venous problems relating to specific situations in life such as long-distance travelling, work, lei..
$37.99 CAD
Brand: Sigvaris Model: Sgvs-143
These Sigvaris well being microfiber shades are advanced compression socks for women, designed to be worn everyday.They are intended for women with healthy legs who temporarily suffer from venous problems relating to specific situations in life such as long-distance travelling, pregnancy, work ..
$39.99 CAD
Brand: Bauerfeind Model: BF-110412050
Pain relief and stability for the knee jointThe GenuTrain active support consists of an anatomically contoured knit and an integral, ring-shaped, functional visco-elastic cushion, the Omega pad. It relieves pain by providing the therapeutic pressure of the support from the kneecap to the soft tissue..
$170.00 CAD
Brand: Elasto-Gel (Canada) Model: SWT106/7
The Elasto-Gel Knee Wrap is a high quality ice pack/heating pad that custom fits around the knee. The EIasto-Gel knee wrap is a perfect tool to have on hand to aid in long-term therapy.  These professional quality wraps are designed for the constant use in health care clinics as well as in yo..
$75.00 CAD
Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-838
Reduce knee pain, stiffness and soreness using easy self-treatment techniques that anyone can perform at home.Treat Your Own Knee™ presents a mechanical background of knee pain, stiffness, and soreness, together with self-management guidelines and an exercise program using easy self treatment techni..
$18.50 CAD
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