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Neck Arthritis

Neck Arthritis

Neck Arthritis and Joint Issues

Neck arthritis and degeneration of the joints in the neck (facet joints) has several names. Facet Joint syndrome, spondylosis, cervical osteoarthritis, bone spurs in the neck are all forms of degeneration of the neck which we call arthritis. 85% of people over the age of 60 have this sort of condition of varying degree.

Osteoarthritis in the neck results in a host of problems that cause painful symptoms such as:
Neck pain and stiffness, which often worsens with activity
Grinding sound, as bones scrape against each other with movement of the neck
Muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders
Pain that is at its most intense first thing in the morning and then again at the end of the day
Pain that radiates from the neck into the shoulders and between the shoulder blades
Stinging pain that travels down the arms

The goal of physiotherapy in treating patients with neck arthritis include:
Reducing pain and stiffness
Improving joint mobility
Inhibiting any further progression of joint damage

Treatment options used in physiotherapy include but are not limited to:
Advice and Education
Exercise therapy
Manual Therapy/Traction
Heat and Cold
Electrotherapy including IFC and TENS

Need help selecting a product for neck arthritis? Contact our physiotherapy team for a free consult.
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Brand: Worlds Best Cream Model: WBC
Temporarily relieves aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with one or more of the following: simple backache, lumbago, strains and sprains (involving muscles, tendons, and/or ligaments), and arthritis. Provides penetrating relief.Applications Arthritis (hands, knees,..
$39.95 CAD
Brand: Pro-Tec Athletics Model: PT-PTRM Extreme Mini
The RM Extreme Mini is a single hand portable roller providing deep tissue massage.  Made from closed cell EVA foam similar to foam rollers, but with a contoured surface, effectively wrapping around the selected body part, allowing a controlled deep massage. The RM Extreme mini is a one handed..
$27.95 CAD
Physiotherapy Room Inflatable Neck Traction Unit Physiotherapy Room Inflatable Neck Traction Unit
Exclusive -33 %
Brand: The Physio Store Model: PS-007
Newly redesigned ergonomically with advice from our physiotherapists, these inflatable neck traction units look like three neck pillows stacked on top of each other.   You place the pillows around your neck and pump air into them.  Gradually, the pillows lift your head up, maintaining..
$26.95 CAD $39.95 CAD
Brand: OPTP Model: OPTP-401
Designed for post-cervical whiplash, myofascial and osseous cervical issues, the Occipital Float™ facilitates smooth cervical range-of-motion exercise.Lightweight, portable device designed to provide smooth cervical range-of-motion exercises.  Specially designed air bladder allows unrestric..
$69.95 CAD
Brand: BodyMed Model: BM-BDM100STD
These flexible heavy duty cold therapy packs are filled with non-toxic silica gel to stay pliable when frozen, delivering soothing cold therapy. BodyMed Blue Vinyl FlexibleCold Pack is filled with non-toxic silica gel to stay pliable when frozen, delivering soothing cold therapy.   Durabl..
$21.42 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-2102
The E-1 stationary Hydrocollator Heating Unit by Chattanooga features high quality stainless steel and thermostatically controlled temperature to give the perfect consistent temperature of your hot packs. The Chattanooga Hydrocollator E1 Stationary Heating Unit is the perfect addition anywhere spac..
$415.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-1033-B
The Theratherm Shoulder/Neck digital moist heat pack specifically designed for your shoulder and neck region.  Provides intense, moist heat therapy for much needed relief from pain associated with arthritis, whiplash, muscles spasms (such as neck spasms), tension, and sub-acute sprains and stra..
$109.50 CAD
Brand: CranioCradle Model: CC-4610DT
Provides deep concentrated pressure to relieve muscular tension and pain. Restores flexibility and range of motion. Best used by larger, muscular or athletic body types. The CranioCradle SPORT:  DT is an easy to use, effective home therapy system that helps relieve muscular stress, tension and..
$59.95 CAD
Brand: BodyMed Model: BM-BDM100NK
These heavy duty cold therapy packs are filled with non-toxic silica gel to stay pliable when frozen, delivering soothing cold therapy over the neck or shoulder area. BodyMed Blue Vinyl Flexible Neck Cold Pack for your neck are filled with non-toxic silica gel to stay pliable when frozen, deliverin..
$34.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-1508
The next generation in the world renowned Eclipse product family designed to provide the ultimate flexibility in the management of pain relief. The Empi ECLIPSE+ Digital offers a comprehensive selection of pain management programs for the effective treatment of chronic acute-traumatic and post surg..
$625.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-1515-4
The CEFAR Easy TENS unit is a whole new concept developed specifically for the neck, upper and lower back. This TENS unit is very easy to use and is designed and approved by physiotherapists to help reduce your pain. It is safe, effective, and unlike oral painkillers, completely free from side effe..
$189.95 CAD
Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-G12
The ultimate gift for people who have neck pain.  This comprehensive system for self-management of the neck provides relief and prevention of common neck pain and injury. Treat Your Own Neck delivers relief and prevention of common neck pain through awareness, education and easy-to-perform McK..
$41.95 CAD $44.80 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-1490-EXP
The Cefar Basic TENS Kit is a high quality pain relief stimulator that meets all your basic needs. This unit doesn't sacrifice the quality of the stimulation and is simple to use. Cefar Basic offers TENS programs for the most common pain indications. This is a great unit for shoulder, neck, back,..
$316.25 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-77719
Intelect® Portable Interferential Current (IFC) Electrotherapy for symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain and acute post-surgical or post-trauma pain. The basic principle of Interferential Current (IFC) Therapy uses the principle of interference to maximize the current permeating deep in..
$295.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-199594
The Saunders Neck (Cervical) Home Traction/Decompression Device is one of the most popular device on the market for producing clinic-like results in the comfort of your own home. This cervical traction device is designed with ease of use in mind and can be used in the clinical or home setting. The..
$450.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-77621
The Primera TENS/NMES unit from Chattanooga combines 8 TENs and 6 NMES programs in a convenient portable highly durable unit that can be used in Clinical or Home Therapy. The non-invasive Primera provides pain relief in two ways: The gate control mechanism and endorphin release. When the body is in..
$199.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-77712
Intelect® Portable Electrotherapy for symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain and acute post-surgical or post-trauma pain. The Intelect Digital TENS unit is used to assist the clinician in controlling patient pain levels. This unit has an easy-to-read LCD display and convenient digital co..
$130.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-2094
Chattanooga’s Professional Cefar® transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is our next generation of handheld TENS device, building on the established technology of the Primo Pro with added features to combine TENS, neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and electro-acupuncture (EA) t..
$420.00 CAD $450.00 CAD
Brand: The Physio Store Model: Exercises-Spinal-Mobility
These free exercises will help you maintain your mobility and avoid back and neck pain as you age. Spinal Mobility - So Important to Maintain as we Age Spinal mobility is something most people do not think about when they are young. After all, we are born so flexible and can move in pretty much a..
$0.00 CAD
Brand: CryoDerma Model: CDM215
CryoDerma MicroBeads - Neck Contour 8" x 22"Safe and effective time released moist heat delivers the therapeutic level of treatment for up to ten minutes. Easy to use, simply microwave for one to two minutes and apply - the beads continually replace moisture. CryoDerma Microbeads stay odor-free and ..
$29.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-1104
The neck contour terry covers are designed to cover the Chattanooga Hydrocollator neck hot packs. Designed to insulate heat and protect you from excessive heat exposure.FeaturesDesigned to be used in conjunction with the Chattanooga Original Hydrocollator Moist Heat Neck Contour Size - 24" HotPacHe..
$29.75 CAD
Brand: Elasto-Gel (Canada) Model: SWT104
The Elasto-Gel Neck/Back combo ice/heat therapy wrap is perfect for the hard to treat contoured area of the neck, upper shoulder, upper to lower back areas.The user may perform a series of arm movements or exercises while wearing this gel pack as it is totally flexible and held comfortably in place...
$109.99 CAD $129.00 CAD
Brand: CranioCradle Model: CC-4610
The CranioCradle helps relieve stress, neck tension, headaches, pain and more in the comfort of your own home.Based on techniques from osteopathy, craniosacral and massage therapy, the CranioCradle® gently releases muscles tension, alleviates pain and eases stress. Simply place it under the head..
$59.95 CAD
Brand: Mulligan Concept Model: OPTP-8542-3
Brian Mulligan's self-help guide helps people relieve back pain, neck pain and pain in the extremities through exercise and specialized techniques.This self-help guide is designed to help the patient gain independence by learning concepts and techniques including posture, self-snag, exercises and th..
$38.49 CAD
Brand: Mulligan Concept Model: OPTP-633
Mulligan's SELF-SNAG™ straps enable self-treatment of back and neck pain, including headaches.The Brian Mulligan's SELF SNAG™ strap is designed to allow the clinician-trained patient to administer joint release to the cervical region of the spine easily and effectively.  SELF SNAG straps are ad..
$25.50 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-1002
Chattanooga Neck Moist Heat Hot Packs are the first choice for physiotherapists, physicians, chiropractors, athletic trainers and kinesiologists for over 60 years. Chattanooga is the inventor of the original Hydrocollator HotPac and proud to still be producing this all natural product today. The be..
$21.99 CAD
Brand: Franklin Method Model: OPTP-5321
Eric Franklin’s compact Fascia Massager™ Oval relaxes tight muscles, increases circulation and wakes up the body’s sensory receptors. It’s ideally sized for treating the hands, neck and feet, but can be used to release tension and smooth out connective tissue anywhere on the body. While slowly rol..
$14.00 CAD
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