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Neck Electrotherapy

Neck Electrotherapy

Neck Electrotherapy Devices

Electrotherapy devices such as TENS and IFC helps reduce pain, muscle tightness and spasms. These devices also help increase pain free movement.

Our physiotherapists have selected a few TENS units and IFC units that they recommend for your neck, upper back and shoulder pain.

Often physiotherapists use these devices in the clinic along with heat or ice to help reduce pain, reduce muscle spasms and help increase mobility in your neck.

Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-1515-4
The CEFAR Easy TENS unit is a whole new concept developed specifically for the neck, upper and lower back. This TENS unit is very easy to use and is designed and approved by physiotherapists to help reduce your pain. It is safe, effective, and unlike oral painkillers, completely free from side effe..
$174.50 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-1490-EXP
The Cefar Basic TENS Kit is a high quality pain relief stimulator that meets all your basic needs. This unit doesn't sacrifice the quality of the stimulation and is simple to use. Cefar Basic offers TENS programs for the most common pain indications. This is a great unit for shoulder, neck, back,..
$279.00 CAD
Cefar TENS/NMES kit with Electro-Acupuncture Mode Cefar TENS/NMES kit with Electro-Acupuncture Mode
$30.00 Off
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-2094
Chattanooga’s Cefar® transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is our next generation of handheld TENS device, building on the established technology of the Primo Pro with added features to combine TENS, neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and electro-acupuncture (EA) treatments in ..
$420.00 CAD $450.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-2942
The CEFAR REHAB X2 is a professional quality stimulator (TENS and NMES) in a compact size that can be used for treatment in clinic or at home. With the Chattanooga Cefar Rehab X2 the essentials of TENS and NMES treatments are gathered in one stimulator. The CEFAR REHAB X2 has preset programs that..
$800.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-77712
Intelect® Portable Electrotherapy for symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain and acute post-surgical or post-trauma pain. The Intelect Digital TENS unit is used to assist the clinician in controlling patient pain levels. This unit has an easy-to-read LCD display and convenient digital co..
$130.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-77719
Intelect® Portable Interferential Current (IFC) Electrotherapy for symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain and acute post-surgical or post-trauma pain. The basic principle of Interferential Current (IFC) Therapy uses the principle of interference to maximize the current permeating deep in..
$295.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-77621
The Primera TENS/NMES unit from Chattanooga combines 8 TENs and 6 NMES programs in a convenient portable highly durable unit that can be used in Clinical or Home Therapy. The non-invasive Primera provides pain relief in two ways: The gate control mechanism and endorphin release. When the body is in..
$199.00 CAD
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