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Neck Pillows & Supports

Neck Pillows & Supports

Neck Pillows and Supports

Neck issues such as arthritis, muscle strain and spasms, bulging disc, and whiplash are common causes of a painful and stiff neck.

Neck Pillows and Supports help maintain your neck in a neutral position (while sleeping) reducing your pain, taking the stress of the painful area and helping in the recovery process.

Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-703
The cervical roll promotes natural sleeping habits for back or side sleepers, by providing support to the neck and maintaining a neutral posture in the cervical spine while in a lying position. This support roll is designed to be placed inside the pillowcase, and is compatible with most conventional..
$27.95 CAD
Treat Your Own Neck™ and McKenzie Cervical Roll™ Set Treat Your Own Neck™ and McKenzie Cervical Roll™ Set
$2.81 Off
Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-G12
The ultimate gift for people who have neck pain.  This comprehensive system for self-management of the neck provides relief and prevention of common neck pain and injury. Treat Your Own Neck delivers relief and prevention of common neck pain through awareness, education and easy-to-perform McK..
$39.99 CAD $42.80 CAD
Brand: CranioCradle Model: CC-4610
The CranioCradle helps relieve stress, neck tension, headaches, pain and more in the comfort of your own home.Based on techniques from osteopathy, craniosacral and massage therapy, the CranioCradle® gently releases muscles tension, alleviates pain and eases stress. Simply place it under the head..
$59.95 CAD
Brand: CranioCradle Model: CC-4610DT
Provides deep concentrated pressure to relieve muscular tension and pain. Restores flexibility and range of motion. Best used by larger, muscular or athletic body types. The CranioCradle SPORT:  DT is an easy to use, effective home therapy system that helps relieve muscular stress, tension and..
$59.95 CAD
Brand: OPTP Model: OPTP-401
Designed for post-cervical whiplash, myofascial and osseous cervical issues, the Occipital Float™ facilitates smooth cervical range-of-motion exercise.Lightweight, portable device designed to provide smooth cervical range-of-motion exercises.  Specially designed air bladder allows unrestric..
$69.95 CAD
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