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Brand: OPTP Model: OPTP-LOROX9
Light resistance for exercises to help tone the lower body while improving core strength, alignment and balance. Specifically chosen by Lauren Roxburgh, the Body Toning Loop offers light resistance for exercises to help tone the legs, strengthen the core, and improve alignment and balance. Th..
$25.95 CAD
Brand: OPTP Model: OPTP-58613
A needle nozzle hand pump can be used to inflate the Bumpy Ball, Body Therapy Balls, Franklin Balls, and Balls for Body Work.This 4" dark blue air pump with a needle nozzle will inflate (or deflate) nearly any small to medium size ball. The needle conveniently stores in the top of the pump handle wh..
$15.20 CAD
Brand: Physiotherapy Room Model: PS-11-Tip
The Physiotherapy Room walking pole Tips are replacement rubber tips designed to fit our Pro Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Walking Poles. These replacement rubber tips are sold as a pair (contains 2 tips) and are designed to fit perfectly over our Pro Carbon Fiber and aluminum walking poles.  ..
$5.99 CAD
Brand: OPTP Model: PowerPump
Easy-to-use hand air pump, with cone shaped nozzle, inflates Stability Exercise Balls, OverBall and Disc'O Sit. Convenient one-piece design is portable and affordable. Well designed. Perfect for home or in a clinic setting...
$15.99 CAD
Brand: OPTP Model: OPTP-4036
Easily attach resistance bands or tubes to these wall clips and perform an endless variety of exercises. These versatile clips are designed to secure resistance bands during exercise, ensuring they won’t slip. Each clip is capable of accommodating a pull force of 800 pounds, and features three ..
$44.95 CAD
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