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Brand: Bauerfeind Model: 1107171208000
Bauerfeind OmoTrain S Supports and lightly stabilizes the shoulder joint and provides secure guidance during movement. The OmoTrain S brace provides secure support for the shoulder joint and strongly promotes mobility in order to restore function.  During each movement, the compression knit an..
$280.00 CAD
Brand: Bauerfeind Model: 1107170208000
Bauerfeind OmoTrain Stabilizes the shoulder joint and provides secure guidance during movement. Active support for early functional treatment of the shoulder joint For shoulder complaints following injury or surgery, or caused by osteoarthritis, OmoTrain stabilizes the shoulder joint and provide..
$280.00 CAD
Brand: Breg Model: 1074X
Breg’s Shoulder Stabilizer is a functional shoulder support designed to limit abduction and external rotation without sacrificing function. The unique design makes the Shoulder Stabilizer an ideal brace for various sports including but not limited to skiing, football, hockey, and lacrosse players. ..
$315.00 CAD
Brand: DonJoy Model: DJO-82-0721-X
Incorporating an ergonomic shoulder pad in a multidirectional elastic fabric construction, DonJoy ScapuLax provides relief and stabilization of the shoulder joint. Indications for Use: Support and compression following injury to the shoulder Proprioceptive and neuromuscular stimulatio..
$150.00 CAD
Brand: DonJoy Model: DJO-11-0525
The DonJoy Sully Shoulder Stabilizer Support Brace provides shoulder and AC Joint stabilization to the post-injured shoulder.  This brace can further be worn while playing sports. The DonJoy Sully® Shoulder Stabilizer brace provides shoulder immobilization and controlled range of motion for ..
$315.00 CAD
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