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CalorDerm EMS Heating Therapy Waist / Lumbar Massager CalorDerm EMS Heating Therapy Waist / Lumbar Massager
-18 %
Brand: CalorDerm Model: CD-005
The CalorDerm EMS Heating Therapy Waist / Lumbar Massager provides heat, stimulation, and massage of the lower back or waist and can be used anywhere, in sitting, standing or lying.  The electrode contacts automatically adjusts to the perfect position based on your body type.   Fea..
$139.95 CAD $169.95 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-1515-4
The CEFAR Easy TENS unit is a whole new concept developed specifically for the neck, upper and lower back. This TENS unit is very easy to use and is designed and approved by physiotherapists to help reduce your pain. It is safe, effective, and unlike oral painkillers, completely free from side effe..
$189.95 CAD
Cefar Professional TENS / NMES Unit Cefar Professional TENS / NMES Unit
-22 %
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-2094
Chattanooga’s Professional Cefar® transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is our next generation of handheld TENS device, building on the established technology of the Primo Pro with added features to combine TENS, neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and electro-acupuncture (EA) t..
$389.00 CAD $499.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-2942
The CEFAR REHAB X2 is a professional quality stimulator (TENS and NMES) in a compact size that can be used for treatment in clinic or at home. With the Chattanooga Cefar Rehab X2 the essentials of TENS and NMES treatments are gathered in one stimulator. The CEFAR REHAB X2 has preset programs that..
$869.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-2532682-INT
Discover the Wireless stimulation, the Wireless Professional 2 Channel Standard is a wireless 2 channels stimulator developed for Physiotherapists and Rehab Clinics that require a standard wireless option for electrostimulation. WIRELESS PROFESSIONAL 2 CH STANDARD is a wireless 2 channels stim..
$1,395.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-2532118-INT
The daily freedom for patients and professionals WIRELESS PROFESSIONAL 4CH FULL is a 4 channels stimulator developed to manage the main indications of Electrotherapy: Standard (TENS/NMES) and Full (Neurology, ACL) with Wireless freedom benefits. No cables and Trigger function will allow managi..
$1,975.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-2535114
The Chattanooga PHYSIO Electrotherapy Kit is a complete 4 channel stimulator developed to manage all indications of Electrotherapy:  Standard (TENS/NMES), Full (Neurology, ACL) and Denervated muscles, Iontophoresis, Hyperhidrosis, Urology or edema prevention. With the Premium PHYSIO hand-held ..
$1,129.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-2533110-INT
A standard for Rehabilitation REHAB is a 4 channels stimulator developed for PTs and Rehab Clinics requesting a standard way of use of electrostimulation. It meets all of the requirements a professional demand: pain management, treatment of vascular diseases, and muscle stimulation with basic progr..
$995.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT- 253311x
The Chattanooga THETA Electrotherapy Kit is a 4 channel stimulator developed to treat both standard (Pain, NMES) and specific protocols in Rehabilitation especially when triggered or co-contractions are requested.  Neurology (Spasticity, Hemiplegic foot, Agonist-Antagonist) or specific patholog..
$1,085.00 CAD
Brand: Compex Model: CPX-Fit1
The Compex® Fit 1.0 Electrical Muscle Stimulation is designed to help sculpt your body, tone your abs and relieve pain. This unit is designed for fitness and health fans who practise their activity 1 to 3 times per week. The Compex® Fit 1.0 Electrical Muscle Stimulation is essential when you are..
$250.00 CAD
Brand: Compex Model: CPX-2534116
Restores strength and muscle tone while relieving pain. Including all the features of Fit 1.0 and Mi technology, Fit 3.0 also offers massage programs for fitness fans who practice their activity 3 times a week. Including all the features of Fit 1.0 and Mi technology, Fit 3.0 also offers massag..
$550.00 CAD
Brand: Compex Model: CPX-2538660
Designed for athletes who train more than 3 times per week, the SP 6.0 includes all the features of SP 4.0, but also includes wireless features that ensure total freedom of movement. Its easy-to-use color screen even shows you where to place the electrodes! The COMPEX SP 6.0 is a cutting-edge ..
$1,250.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-77717
The Intelect NMES Unit (77717) is a neuromuscular stimulator and is used for strengthening of smaller muscle groups, prevention of disuse atrophy as well as muscle re-education, increasing range of motion and circulation. Long known for innovative clinical electrotherapy devices, Chattanooga Group ..
$130.00 CAD
Brand: Chattanooga Model: CHT-77621
The Primera TENS/NMES unit from Chattanooga combines 8 TENs and 6 NMES programs in a convenient portable highly durable unit that can be used in Clinical or Home Therapy. The non-invasive Primera provides pain relief in two ways: The gate control mechanism and endorphin release. When the body is in..
$199.00 CAD
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