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Head & Face

Head & Face
Brand: Elasto-Gel Model: SWT-TW6001
This high quality ice and heat therapy wrap is perfectly designed for hot/cold use on smaller areas such as the forehead, elbow, wrist or ankle. The use of an ice wrap for an acute injury or after surgery can help reduce the inflammation and speed up the recovery process.  It can also help r..
$40.00 CAD
Brand: Elasto-Gel Model: SWT-CAP600/2
These soft high quality cranial caps are primarily used for cold therapy aiding in the relief of headaches, migraines, neck pain or as a cool-down product after vigorous workouts, helping to maintain over-heated body temperatures.  The Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap is specially designed to fit over th..
$75.00 CAD
Brand: Elasto-Gel Model: SWT-SM301
Designed to help those suffering from sinus pain, the Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask offers cooling or warmth for up to 20 minutes.  It can also be used as a sleeping mask whether cool or warm, to block-out light. If used for cold therapy, the mask can help with healing bruises or eye surgeries to redu..
$30.00 CAD
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