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Diane Lee

Diane Lee


Diane Lee, the innovator of The Baby Belly Pelvic Support™, has a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation (both in physiotherapy and occupational therapy) and is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy. She is certified in dry needling (acupuncture for trigger points) and is a qualified Yoga instructor.

She has authored many academic textbook chapters and books that are used in University curricula and by physiotherapists, massage therapists and movement educators worldwide.

She is well known amongst her peers for her passion in helping moms look, feel and function better before, during and after their pregnancies and teaches courses on this topic worldwide. Her research on diastasis rectus abdominis has been key in shaping her postpartum program. The Baby Belly Pelvic Support™ is patented, as is Diane’s other innovative sacroiliac belt, The Com-Pressor™.

Diane is the owner, director and a practicing physiotherapist at Diane Lee & Associates, a private multi-disciplinary physiotherapy clinic in South Surrey, BC, Canada.

Baby Belly Pelvic Support™ - Diane Lee Baby Belly Pelvic Support™ - Diane Lee
2 - 3 Days
Baby Belly Pelvic Support™ Information Why do many women require support during and after their pregnancies? Almost ½ of all women will experience pain in their low back or pelvic region at some point in their pregnancy. While there are many causes for this, two common ones are loss of support ..
$180.00 CAD
Brand: OPTP Model: OPTP-67*
A uniquely designed sacroiliac belt, The Com-PressorTM allows pelvic support positioning to be customized to the patient’s needs. The Com-Pressor™ is a superior pelvic compression belt that helps promote pelvic and core stability during retraining of impaired lumbo-pelvic core muscles that may deve..
$67.00 CAD
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