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Bands & Loops

Choose from our selection of durable physiotherapy resistance bands and exercise loops designed for strength and conditioning.

Brand: TheraBand Model: HYG165
TheraBand Professional Resistance Bands are available in beginners or advance kits.  The beginner kit has 3 bands (yellow, red and green) and the advanced kit has two bands (blue and black).  Each band comes in 5 foot lengths. Proper use of these systems for resistance exercise provides bo..
$21.99 CAD
The Exercise Handle with a foam Rotator Grip has an easy-to-grasp plastic handle.  Very comfortable when doing resistance exercises with bands or tubes. Features Special ball plug design easily accommodates and quickly secures tubing, cord or exercise bands. These handles have a grip..
$9.99 CAD
Brand: CanDo Model: FAB721
Sup-R Band® is made from a premium latex free formula and excels compared to other exercise bands.The CanDo's Sup-R-Band latex free formula has similar use and strength characteristics to latex exercise bands; similar puncture resistance; similar tear and burst strength; requires similar force to st..
$119.99 CAD
Brand: TheraBand Model: TB-259510
The Thera-Loop Non-Slip Door Anchor is a handy loop-shaped piece of equipment that allows you to securely attach resistance bands or resistance tubes onto any door frame, expanding the type of exercises you can do with your equipment. Position and secure at any height to complete upper or lower b..
$3.99 CAD
Brand: TheraBand Model: Thera-Band First Step to Foot Relief Kit
This kit contains everything you need for the relief from pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tired and sore feet. This at-home system complements an in-clinic treatment plan. The Thera-Band foot roller can stretch the plantar fascia and increase flexibility. It can be chilled or f..
$38.99 CAD
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