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Lower Back Rolls

Lower Back Rolls
Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-704
The lumbar roll in a smaller size for common low back pain. the Original McKenzie Early Compliance Lumbar Roll is perfect for youth, those who are petite, or patients with acute discomfort that cannot tolerate a standard lumbar roll. In acute cases, The Original Early Compliance Lumbar Roll ma..
$25.00 CAD
Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-700
This lumbar roll promotes a natural posture in the low back while in a seated position, by supporting the lumbar spine and preventing a slouched posture. Similar to the standard lumbar roll in density, but with a flat edge to rest against the seat. Particularly beneficial for those who develop pain ..
$30.00 CAD
Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-705
The lumbar cushion is a slimmer option than other lumbar rolls, working to support the lumbar spine and prevent a slouched posture. Particularly beneficial for those who develop pain in the low back or lower extremities while seated, but cannot tolerate the support from a full sized lumbar roll or c..
$32.00 CAD
Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-708
This low-profile lumbar roll promotes a natural posture of your lower back while in a seated position.  It helps support and sustain your natural lumbar spine curvature while preventing a slouched posture. Featuring a beveled design, the more contoured shape is slimmer than the Standard Roll, ..
$45.00 CAD
Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-710
The self inflating, portable lumbar support, ideal for travel and those on the go. this support can be adjusted to any type of seat, whether in the car, on a plane, at a ball game, or anywhere you need added lumbar support. Often used as an adjunct with one of the other McKenzie lumbar rolls, allowi..
$34.00 CAD
Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-750-1-2
The night roll is a wearable roll, which properly supports the spine while sleeping on the side or back. The solution to morning back pain and stiffness often lies in the position of the body at rest. This roll is designed to compensate for poor sleeping positions by supporting the spine and maintai..
$45.00 CAD
Treat Your Own Back™ and McKenzie Lumbar Roll™ Set Treat Your Own Back™ and McKenzie Lumbar Roll™ Set
$4.00 Off
Brand: McKenzie Institute Model: MKI-G11
The ultimate gift for back pain sufferers, this combo includes the tool and techniques that have freed hundreds of thousands from low back pain and sciatica.Bestseller Treat Your Own Back offers do-it-yourself treatment through postural change, ergonomics and simple exercises.  It offers a clea..
$39.00 CAD $43.00 CAD
Brand: Elasto-Gel Model: SWT-CP4001/CP4005
The Elasto-Gel Support Roll is the ideal therapy tool to use for lower back. It contains non-toxic Elasto-Gel which remains flexible when frozen, providing full lumbar support as well as cold or heat therapy when sitting.  The cylindrical shaped roll supports your spine's natural curves during..
$49.50 CAD
Brand: OPTP Model: OPTP-321
Perfect for home, work, in the car or any place there will be prolonged sitting, the OPTP Tailbone (Coccyx) Pillow reduces pressure on the tailbone for effective low back pain relief. This handy tailbone (coccyx) cushion features a wedge shape with a U-shaped notch, designed to reduce uncomfortable..
$57.00 CAD
Brand: OPTP Model: OPTP-240
More than a lumbar support, this Thoracic Lumbar Back Support™ by OPTP addresses the entire back, promoting correct sitting posture to help relieve back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.With much of the population spending extended hours sitting, there's a distinct need for an easy-to-use back supp..
$56.50 CAD
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