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Foot Orthotics & Insoles

Foot Orthotics & Insoles

Over The Counter Foot Orthotics and Insoles

Poor foot mechanics can cause foot pain, swelling, malformations and balance issues and may influence other parts of your body, sometimes leading to problems in your knee, hips and spine.

Foot orthotics, or orthotic insoles, are supportive devices placed in your shoes to restore the foot to its proper biomechanical balance and function.

They can help decrease excess motion if you have an over-pronated foot (when the foot rolls inward), which is often called pes planus or a “flat foot”.  Foot orthotics can also help correct high, rigid arches, redistributing your weight more evenly across your foot and providing more shock absorption.

We carry some over the counter foot orthotics to help realign and support your foot.

Talk to one our advanced clinical practitioners in arthritis Care to help you find the right support for your needs.

Brand: MKO Model: HTPG
Made for people with sensitive feet and for daily wear, Gel Heel Seats will keep your feet comfortable wherever life takes you. Treat your feet to the support and plantar fasciitis relief you need today. The “HTP Heel Seats” are a one of a kind product that works to quickly relieve pain by applying..
$32.00 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: HTP
Don’t allow heel pain, plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs to progress any further. Our unique and patented Fascia-Bar™ technology is clinically proven effective with over a 90% success rate. It works for all forms of heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The “Heel That Pain (HTP) ..
$32.00 CAD
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