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Thumb Splints

Thumb Splints
Brand: Bauerfeind Model: BF-12053301080
Stabilizing orthosis for stabilization of the thumb saddle and first metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints Following thumb joint injuries, such as tears or sprain to the collateral ligaments ("skier's thumb"), or for indications of osteoarthritis (arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint) or irritation,..
$115.00 CAD
Brand: Basko Healthcare Model: Basko-8712
The CMCcare Thumb Brace is suitable for daily and/or long-term use and is characterized by a high degree of efficiency, comfort and quality with the objective to maintain maximum hand function. The CMCcare thumb brace is designed for optimum support of the thumb saddle (CMC) joint and positions t..
$80.00 CAD
Brand: Medical Specialties Model: MS-224475
The CMC-X Lacer Thumb Stabilizer helps provide pain relief from carpometacarpal (CMC) joint arthritis while permitting you to do the activities you enjoy. The patent pending design stabilizes the CMC joint by applying pressure to the base of the thumb while simultaneously applying an abduction fo..
$55.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-M780
The Orliman CMC thumb brace supports and comforts the first CMC joint. It keeps the thumb in the functional position. The brace relieves pain and reduces the symptoms of loss of strength. The Orliman CMC thumb brace stabilizes the Carpometacarpal (CMC/Basal) joint of the thumb and places the first ..
$90.00 CAD
Brand: Orliman Model: ORL-M770
The Orliman Thumb Imobilizing Splint is designed to help reduce the pain in your thumb while stabilizing the 1st MCP and CMC joint. The splint is made of breathable velour, which has venting holes on the surface to facilitate the movement of air. The immobilizer system consists of a malleable alu..
$41.00 CAD
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