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OPTP Tailbone (Coccyx) Pillow

OPTP Tailbone (Coccyx) Pillow
OPTP Tailbone (Coccyx) Pillow
OPTP Tailbone (Coccyx) Pillow
OPTP Tailbone (Coccyx) Pillow
OPTP Tailbone (Coccyx) Pillow
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: OPTP-321
  • Weight: 450.00g
  • Dimensions: 35.00cm x 44.00cm x 7.00cm
  • SKU: 321
$59.00 CAD
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Perfect for home, work, in the car or any place there will be prolonged sitting, the OPTP Tailbone (Coccyx) Pillow reduces pressure on the tailbone for effective low back pain relief.

This handy tailbone (coccyx) cushion features a wedge shape with a U-shaped notch, designed to reduce uncomfortable pressure points and alleviate low back pain and tailbone pain. Ideally suited for any situation where one sits for long periods, use it as a car seat cushion, office chair cushion, stadium cushion, or in your home.

This wedge cushion is constructed of premium foam with a durable mock mesh cover.  The mesh cover is removable and washable.  Wash in cold water only.  Allow to air dry before putting back on.

This pillow measures 14¼” W x 17½” L x 1¼”-3” H.

Due to hygienic reasons this pillow is not returnable after it has been opened.

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