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Treat Your Own Neck™

Treat Your Own Neck™
Treat Your Own Neck™
Treat Your Own Neck™
Treat Your Own Neck™
Treat Your Own Neck™
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For those with persistent neck pain, Treat Your Own Neck, 5th edition, offers a step-by-step guide to self-treatment through awareness, education and easy-to-perform McKenzie Method® exercises. This comprehensive system for neck self-management provides relief and prevention of common neck pain and injury. Often used in conjunction with assessment and treatment from a certified McKenzie (MDT) practitioner, and can be an invaluable resource for prevention and self management of pain in the cervical spine.

Treat Your Own Neck can also be a valuable complement to physical therapy, chiropractic care or other manual therapy as it can relieve pain and prevent symptoms from recurring between visits.

Written by Robin McKenzie. Illustrated. Softcover, 80 pages.

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