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TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) Injury

Brand: OPTP Model: OPTP-674/5/6
Non-slip wrist support that offers impressive bilateral support while allowing greater mobility than most wrist braces and carpal tunnel braces. Non-returnable. Many wrist supports offer fair stability, but their basic design inhibits easy mobility of the wrist, decreasing the willingness of the pa..
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Wrist Widget Wrist Widget
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Brand: Wrist Widget Model: WristWidget
Experience instant pain relief with the WristWidget.If you have Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injuries and ulnar sided wrist pain, the WristWidget will provide instantaneous pain relief as well as wrist support. TFCC injuries can cripple you, preventing you from completing even the most b..
$35.99 USD
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