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Wrist Sprain

Wrist Sprain

A sprain is an injury to a ligament (tissue that connects two or more bones at a joint). In a sprain, one or more ligaments is stretched or torn.

A person can sprain their wrist when they fall and land on their hand.

The usual signs and symptoms of a sprain are:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Not being able to move or use the joint.

Sometimes people feel a pop or tear when the injury happens. A sprain can be mild, moderate, or severe.

DonJoy RespiForm® Wrist Brace DonJoy RespiForm® Wrist Brace
New New for 2019
Brand: DonJoy Model: DJO-82-96160
The DonJoy Respiform wrist brace is a new line of braces introduced by DonJoy to Canada in 2019. These braces are breathable, light, and ergonomically designed for a tailored fit.Finding a wrist brace that conforms to your wrist can be difficult, but doing so tends to improve the efficacy of th..
$39.00 CAD
Brand: ProCare by DJO Global Model: DJO-79-875**
ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist Brace II Features & BenefitsThe ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist II brace is a universal, functional wrist orthosis for the treatment of wrist and hand injuries and trauma. A little more flexible, designed for the elderly patient.  A simple single pull lace design and stockin..
$35.99 CAD
Brand: Aircast by DJO Global Model: AC-05W**
The Aircast A2 Wrist Brace is designed to provide support for wrist injuries (ligament instability, sprain or muscle strain), carpal tunnel syndrome, post-operative use, and post-removal of casting or splint.Using dual removable stabilizers located above and below the hand, the A2 controls wrist mov..
$29.99 CAD
Brand: Aircast by DJO Global Model: AC-05WT**
The Aircast A2 Wrist Brace with thumb spica is designed to provide support for wrist injuries (ligament instability, sprain or muscle strain), tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, post-operative use, and post-removal of casting or splint. Using dual removable stabilizers located above and below t..
$33.99 CAD
Brand: Bauerfeind Model: BF-12053450080+0
A high quality brace designed to stabilize and support the wrist and thumbIn the case of irritation and combination injuries that affect the wrist as well as the thumb carpometacarpal joint and thumb CMC joint, the ManuLoc Rhizo immobilizes the wrist and holds the thumb securely in a relaxed pos..
$160.00 CAD
Brand: Bauerfeind Model: BF-12053301080
Stabilizing orthosis for stabilization of the thumb saddle and first metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints Following thumb joint injuries, such as tears or sprain to the collateral ligaments ("skier's thumb"), or for indications of osteoarthritis (arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint) or irritation,..
$110.00 CAD
Brand: TheraBand Model: HYG165
TheraBand Professional Resistance Bands are available in beginners or advance kits.  The beginner kit has 3 bands (yellow, red and green) and the advanced kit has two bands (blue and black).  Each band comes in 5 foot lengths. Proper use of these systems for resistance exercise provides bo..
$21.99 CAD
Brand: Elasto-Gel Model: SWT-TW6001
This high quality ice and heat therapy wrap is perfectly designed for hot/cold use on smaller areas such as the forehead, elbow, wrist or ankle.The use of an ice wrap for an acute injury or after surgery can help reduce the inflammation and speed up the recovery process.  It can also help r..
$47.99 CAD
Brand: Elasto-Gel Model: SWT-HC801/4/5
Comes in 3 sizes.  6" * 8", 8" * 16" and 12" * 12". These Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Packs are the perfect therapy tool to have on hand to provide either therapeutic ice or soothing heat in an easy to use, reusable pack. They are filled with non-toxic Elasto-Gel that remains flexible when frozen for ..
$39.99 CAD
Brand: Elasto-Gel Model: SWT-TM7001
The therapy mitt is designed to provide aid in reducing swelling or stimulating blood flow to the hand and fingers. Helps restore flexibility and reduces stiffness.Features:Easy to use Non-Toxic Comfortable Safe & Non-Toxic Gel Stays Soft & Pliable even at -20°F (Will not ..
$73.99 CAD
Brand: Elasto-Gel Model: SWT-WR200
The Elasto-Gel Wrist/Elbow Wrap is designed to offer therapy of the wrist/elbow or may be turned to address finger injuries. The product has a wide and narrow side in the design and can be rotated to fit desired need. In addition, users have reported this product as excellent therapy around the elbo..
$43.99 CAD
Brand: MKO Model: PC8531
Product Features Include:Dual Removable palmar and dorsal stays Single pull strap for easy application Adjustable hook and loop straps Latex free..
$33.00 CAD
Brand: DonJoy Model: DJO-81-87540
Provides exceptional comfort and maximum pain relief during rest and sleep.Soft cotton lining extends to fingertips to keep fingers from moving while sleeping. Two rigid plastic dorsal stays immobilize the hand, wrist, and fingers in a neutral position.Constructed with a breathable foam cove..
$55.99 CAD
Brand: TheraBand Model: HYG185
Thera-Band FlexBar is a flexible, durable resistance device with a ridged surface for enhanced grip during use.  It is used to improve grip strength and upper extremity stabilization by bending, twisting, or oscillation movement. It has been research-proven effective for Tennis Elbow, offering ..
$26.99 CAD
Brand: TheraBand Model: TB-HE
The TheraBand Hand Exercisers are specifically made to indicate progression in five colours and two sizes. Hand Exercisers can be used for hand, finger and forearm strengthening.Theses hand exercises are microwave and refrigerator friendly and can be used for hot and cold therapy. The yellow and..
$14.99 CAD
Brand: OPTP Model: OPTP-674/5/6
Non-slip wrist support that offers impressive bilateral support while allowing greater mobility than most wrist braces and carpal tunnel braces. Non-returnable. Many wrist supports offer fair stability, but their basic design inhibits easy mobility of the wrist, decreasing the willingness of the pa..
$26.99 CAD
Wrist Widget Wrist Widget
2-3 Days
Brand: Wrist Widget Model: WristWidget
Experience instant pain relief with the WristWidget.If you have Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injuries and ulnar sided wrist pain, the WristWidget will provide instantaneous pain relief as well as wrist support. TFCC injuries can cripple you, preventing you from completing even the most b..
$35.99 CAD
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