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Wrist Widget

Wrist Widget
Wrist Widget
Wrist Widget
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Wrist Widget
Wrist Widget
Wrist Widget
Wrist Widget
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  • Model: WW-NB1
  • Weight: 50.00g
  • Dimensions: 45.70cm x 2.00cm x 20.00cm
  • SKU: WW-NB1
$38.95 CAD
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The WristWidget® is designed to provide support to the radius and ulna which enables the TFCC to heal without surgery.

Wendy Medeiros, the inventor, has focused exclusively on this injury since 2016 and has worked as a hand therapist since 1991. Her experience is your asset when it comes to the knowledge of and the healing of triangular fibrocartilage tears.

The WristWidget® has gone through over 2000 variations and meticulous care to get it where it is today! Made from soft cotton and hook and loop, it has no latex or chemicals. It can be worn in the water and the shower. It fits all wrists - whether left or right, large or small.

Features and Benefits

  • provides support to the radius and ulna enabling the TFCC to heal
  • Reduces pain in the wrist
  • Fits both wrists, large and small
  • Can be worn in the water and shower
  • Do not put in Washer or Dryer, hand wash only
  • This is the newer Narrow version which fits most people the best.  The strap nestles nicely into the wrist crease providing a perfect fit.
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