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ProCare by DJO Global

Brand: ProCare by DJO Global Model: DJO-79-875**
ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist Brace II Features & BenefitsThe ProCare Quick-Fit Wrist II brace is a universal, functional wrist orthosis for the treatment of wrist and hand injuries and trauma. A little more flexible, designed for the elderly patient.  A simple single pull lace design and stockin..
$35.99 CAD
Brand: ProCare by DJO Global Model: DJO-79-81190
Helps to provide comfort while restricting painful movements of the elbow during rest and sleep.Removable splint allows maximum immobilization with the stay inserted, or gentle support with the stay removed. Two adjustable straps for easy change of size and compression. Constructed with breathab..
$55.99 CAD
Brand: ProCare by DJO Global Model: DJO-81-87540
Provides exceptional comfort and maximum pain relief of the wrist during rest and sleep.Soft cotton lining extends to fingertips to keep fingers from moving while sleeping. Two rigid plastic dorsal stays immobilize the hand, wrist, and fingers in a neutral position.Constructed with a breatha..
$55.99 CAD
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